Beware of Fake CBD Oils

CBD oil is rich in cannabidiols and it is used to help with a variety of conditions from PTSD to anxiety.  CBD can come from either the cannabis plant or hemp, but the oils from cannabis plants have higher concentrations of CBD.  The percentage of CBD will depend on the purity of the oil and the source that it came from.  Because CBD has become so popular you now need to beware of fake CBD oils and how to spot them. Here are some tips on discerning good oils from the fakes.

  1. Don’t Trust Cheap CBD Products

There are plenty of places to buy CBD oil both online and in retail stores.  You’re first instinct may be to pick up the cheapest one that you can find but that won’t necessarily give you the results you want.  Not all CBD is created equal and you often get what you pay for.  If CBD sells for roughly $50 a bottle and you find it somewhere for $19.95 chances are good that it is fake.

  1. CBD is not a Cure All

There is a ton of hype surrounding CBD and what it can help you with.  There are plenty of vendors that claim it will cure everything from cancer to acne just to sell you their products.  It doesn’t.  There are a variety of conditions that it can help you with but if the vendor or website you are considering purchasing from is making extraordinary claims then you should steer clear.

  1. Check the Fine Print

This is important especially if you are buying CBD online, make sure that you check and make sure there is a place to contact the vendor.  Is there a phone number on the website?  Do you have a way to get in touch with the site owner or administrator?  Do they list the ingredients or purity of their products?  These are all questions you need to ask before you whip out your credit card.

  1. Does it Have a Stamp

CBD oil shouldn’t have any THC or very small concentrations of it or it would be illegal.  When you are shopping for CBD make sure that it has the Non-Psychoactive Seal.

  1. Is it Lab Tested

There are a couple of different methods used to extract CBD from hemp.  Regardless of the method used to extract the oil from hemp once the extraction process is finished the oil is sent to a lab to determine strength and purity.

With CBD being used by more and more people and sold in more stores you have to be extra cautious of the fakes that are coming on the market.  Exercise caution and buy from a reputable vendor even if that means paying a little bit more.

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Conditions that CBD Can Help You With

You probably have a friend or two who swears by CBD oil, that it has done wonders for their health. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and it is used to treat a whole host of conditions.  Today people are using CBD to help with a variety of conditions including stress, anxiety, pain, and other digestive issues.  If you are wondering how CBD can help you then let’s have a look at some conditions that you CBD can help you with.  While CBD can come from hemp or the cannabis plant it is not marijuana and does not give you the effects that THC does.

Reducing Inflammation

Medical science has shown us in recent years that many diseases and health conditions are caused by inflammation.  CBD can tons of anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the amount of inflammation in your body can reduce the amount of pain that you are in.

Reduces Anxiety

One of the more common uses for CBD oil is to help people reduce anxiety.  There have been countless studies done on the effects of CBD and how it has help patients who suffer from social and general anxiety disorders.

Relieves Nausea

CBD has been used for years to help patients with nausea.  It was first used by cancer patients to help with the treatment of nausea caused by chemotherapy.  Today it is also used to help patients dealing with the effects of withdrawal during rehab.  CBD oil can help but it should only be taken in small amounts.

Treatment of Seizures

CBD really came into the spotlight when CNN did a special on how it used to treat seizures, particularly in children.  The frequency of seizures has been drastically reduced with the help of CBD and it has also helped the same kids sleep better and improve their mood throughout the day.

Pain Relief

Many patients are using CBD to help treat chronic pain such as arthritis or spinal conditions.  There have been a number of experiments conducted on rodents to see if they have pain relief because of CBD.  The tests showed demonstrative reductions in inflammation and neuropathic pain.  Some patients used cannabidiol in conjunction with THC for greater pain relief.   There are many patients who prefer CBD over opiates, they provide relief without the risk of addiction that comes with opiates.

These are some of the more common conditions that patients are using CBD to help them treat and manage.

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